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Mike's Christmas Countdown

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"Mike Chamberlin's Christmas Collection"

1. Let's Finish What He Started
(Mike Chamberlin original, duet with CNN's Christi Paul)

2. Carol of the Bells

3. Christmas is Coming
(Mike Chamberlin original)

4. Silent Night

5. Prelude to the Whisper
(Mike Chamberlin original)

6. The Whisper
(Mike Chamberlin original)

7. Finale to the Whisper
(Mike Chamberlin original)

8. Christmas Came Early this Year
(Mike Chamberlin original)

A portion of the proceeds from this CD will go to the March of Dimes.

To order this CD, please send a check for $20 per disc to:
The Singing TV Guy
P.O. Box 33032
Phoenix, AZ 85067

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In April 2004, when Mike Chamberlin and Chris Coraggio were both sportscasters, Chris walked up to "Chambo" at a Suns game and said, "Mike, I hear you sing." "The Singin' TV Guys" were born.